Our names are Amelia Walker and Emily Pasquinelli, and we are two seniors in the Center for Leadership and International Relations at James River High School. We are currently working on putting on a charity event to raise awareness for the importance of music education as well as raise money to provide equal access to the incredible performing arts programs that James River has to offer! For four years the two of us have been active members of our school's all-girl show choir, Anything Goes. We feel so fortunate to have found a co-curricular activity that empowers girls to find their voice,  encourages teamwork, and allows us to pursue our passion for performance. Anything Goes truly is a family, and we want to give back to the organization that has had such a profound impact on our high school experience and the lives of the 50 other girls that partake in this program each year. "The Royal Reveal" will be the first time that we perform our competition show for the season and will serve as a celebration of the hard work that goes into creating a dazzling show! We will also be showcasing other performance groups from James River such as Dance Team, Step Team, Baton Twirlers, and more! All proceeds from the event will go toward a scholarship fund to sponsor students who want to participate in show choir, but can not afford to. Costume fees, travel costs, transportation to and from events, and membership fees can quickly add up and prevent students from participating. It is our mission to allow equal access to this incredible program for every James River Rapid with a passion for music! We would greatly appreciate it if you would help us reach our goal so we can make this possible.

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